ACP Curtain Wall

The Main Performance Of The Aluminium Plastic Composite Panel For Building Curtain Wall:

  • Compared with ceramic, glass and other materials, the aluminum plastic composite panel has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, good rigidity and easy processing.
  • Because of the fluorocarbon coating (generally, we choose fluorocarbon aluminum plastic composite panel coating for outdoor use), the surface coating has super weather ability and UV resistance. It can keep the color and luster for a long time. It also has good corrosion resistance. So it can be used under the bad conditions of -50 ℃- -80 ℃-.
  • The acid and alkaline resistance of it is good. Fluorocarbon coatings are more excellent coatings for outdoor use at present.
  • It has excellent machinability. It is easy to cut, weld and bend, which can be used for making modes and facilitating in site. These things are unmatched by other decorative materials.
  • The sound insulation and shock absorption performance are good, and it can be punched holes arbitrarily.
  • The selection range of color is wide. It has beautiful colors. Its color can be selected optionally
  • It is easy to clean, and convenient to maintain. It meets the environmental protection requirements.

Lightweight and high strength, these characteristics have made the production and application of aluminum plastic composite panel developed rapidly in China in recent years. With the continuous development and improvement of production technology, equipment, management and application, the aluminum plastic composite panel, as a kind of high-quality material, has attracted more and more attention from the building curtain wall and all fields of the decoration. In particular, as a high-quality curtain wall material, it is normal that it will get more and more attention from social all circles.
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