ACP Printing

The surface of the aluminum plastic composite panel can be designed into all kinds of colors. It can also be designed into different patterns for all purposes. In addition, people can also use the means of photocopying technology to simulate patterns of granite, wood grain, and metals, which provides the design with high texture and high quality of no monochrome.

Rich color and pattern design satisfy the coordination of different environmental requirements, making different architectural styles and environment adapted to each other, making the color in harmony with the environment, achieving a perfect unity in the overall artistic effect, and giving people a bright and soft visual enjoyment.

The curtain wall decorated with aluminum plastic composite panels is no match for the gorgeous glass curtain walls and the elegant stone curtain walls. In the sunlight, its level surface is gorgeous and dignified. At the same time, it avoids light pollution.

The colorful printed aluminum plastic composite panel is a relatively unique decorative effect. It is made of imitation natural patterns with special designs.

Using the different patterns to print various imitation natural patterns on the transfer paper through advanced computer Phototypesetting Technology, and then copy a variety of imitation natural patterns indirectly on the aluminum plastic composite panel by heat transfer technology. It can satisfy the designer's creativity and the personalized choice of the owner.

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