Anti Static Plastic Sheet

What is anti-static plastic sheet?

Anti-static plastic sheet uses an anti-static coating to fully paint aluminum composite panel, its specific resistance is below 109 Ω, which is lower than common aluminum composite panel's, so it is not easy to produce static electricity, it also keeps dust of air from attaching to its surface.

Generally speaking, the wallboard in machine room is not only for decorating but also for dust prevention and anti-electromagnetic interference. In fact, color plate and aluminum composite panel are used most commonly. Color plate with plasterboard substrate is more expensive than the aluminum composite panel.

The specified metal face fireproof and anti-static shield wall panel is generally used in the machine room.

The machine should use a homemade aluminum composite panel with good quality, it should meet the requirement of shielding system and equipotential system when choosing the material of wallboard. It is no doubt that homemade aluminum composite panel is the best choice because of its newest technology, bright appearance and good performance and price. With the rapid development of modern technology and industry, widely use of material, the optical effect, clean degree, safety, construction quality, construction condition of the homemade aluminum composite panel are the best, it also can satisfy the requirement of shielding system.
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