Sign Board Aluminum Composite Panel

What Is The Thickness Requirement Of Sign board Aluminum Composite Panel

The upper and lower aluminum plastic composite panel shall have a thickness of antirust aluminum not less than 0.20mm, and the total thickness shall be not less than 4mm. Fluorocarbon coating or polyester coating is generally used in the coating.

The construction technology of Sign board Aluminum Composite Panel

1. Line Of Discharge
Fix the frame on the main structure, and position the frame to the base.
Check the quality of the main structure before discharging the line.

2. The Connectors Of The Fixed Frame
Welding the connectors and fixing the frame on the column of the main structure.

3. Fixed Frame
The installation of the frame is accurate and the combination is strong. After finishing it, it needs to be inspected.
The center line and the surface standard are high. In order to ensure the installation accuracy of the plate, it is necessary to connect the vertical frame bar of the beam and handle at the section of the variable section properly.

4. The Installation Of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
The installation and fixing of the aluminum plastic composite panel must be reliable and convenient to do.
1. The gap between the plate and the plate should be treated internally with core pulling aluminum rivets. Rubber rings must be padded in the center. The distance of the core rivets is controlled within the 100mm-150mm. Then making it smooth.

2. After finishing the installation of the aluminum plastic composite panel, it needs to cover protection with plastic film or other materials in some parts, which are easy to pollute.

What's The Price Of Aluminium Plastic Composite Panel Coating For Ordinary Decorative Exterior Wall?

The aluminum plastic composite panel coating that used in the ordinary decorative exterior wall is generally fluorocarbon coating. Exterior wall fluorocarbon aluminum plastic composite panels are commonly used as curtain wall materials in the industry. The price is relatively transparent, ranging from 380 yuan to 450 yuan. This price will vary to the ranking of the major brands, which may be higher or lower than this range. According to the thickness and quality of aluminum, the price is naturally different. But generally speaking, the price of big brands is relatively high, because it has certain quality assurance.

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