Aluminium Plastic Composite Panel Coating

Aluminum plastic composite plate coating usually has fluorocarbon coating and polyester coating (generally, the fluorocarbon aluminum plastic composite plate is suitable for outdoor, polyester aluminum plastic composite plate is suitable for indoor). The aluminum plastic composite panel coating that used in the ordinary decorative exterior wall is generally fluorocarbon coating. Exterior wall fluorocarbon aluminum plastic composite panels are commonly used as curtain wall materials in the industry. The price is relatively transparent, ranging from 380 yuan to 450 yuan. This price will vary to the ranking of the major brands, which may be higher or lower than this range. According to the thickness and quality of aluminum, the price is naturally different. But generally speaking, the price of big brands is relatively high, because it will have certain quality assurance. Aluminum plastic composite panel coating mainly has light weight, bright color, and very good process. It won’t be rusty. And the application of it is very wide in all fields. For example, these fields include household appliances, building decoration, cans, aluminum plastic composite panels and so on. The aluminum plastic composite panel coating is mainly divided into several categories. At First, according to the color of the surface, it can be divided into three kinds of coating aluminum rolls, such as polyester, fluorocarbon and epoxy roller. Some have just one side, while others have two sides. One side is fluorocarbon while the other side is polyester. Even both sides are the same color; according to the thickness of the coating, it can be divided into three kinds, the first one is the single coating, the thickness is 40 micron. The second one is the double coating, the thickness is about 258 microns. Besides, the third one is the triple coating, and this thickness is around 358 microns; according to the processing of aluminum plastic composite panel coating, it can be divided into hammer, diamond and so on. The thickness of them are also great, some are as high as 1.5mm; there are various kinds of the aluminum plastic composite panel coating, which can meet the needs of different fields.
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