Marble Aluminum Composite Panel

The marble aluminum composite panel surface is decorated and protected by the high-quality resin emulsion paint offered by reliable suppliers. It has an extraordinary performance on the facade of buildings. It performs better in the weather ability, colors, and luster degree, ability to resist ultraviolet radiation, and avoiding the light pollution than the traditional transfer printing technology. Moreover, in the product coating flexibility, moisture resistance, impact resistance, friction resistance, resistance to wear and tear, self-cleaning, etc, it also does well. We can customize products for you according to your requirement. Plus, In the unit weight, appearance effect, construction performance, long-distance transportation and other aspects, the Marble aluminum composite panel performs better than glass, porcelain, stone and so on.

Marble Aluminum Composite Panels

The aluminum plastic panel, or aluminum composite panel, is a kind of new material which have been through a series of technological processing. It’s composed of two aluminum panel which has been treated and coated with paint as the surface layer and a PE panel as the core layer. The aluminum composite panel is developed and produced by Germany ALUSINGEN. After the 90s, improved by FORKEN and ALOCA, the product quality came to stable and gradually reached a higher level. The aluminum composite panel is composed of two naturally different kinds of materials (metals and non-metallic). It retains the main characteristics and overcomes the disadvantages of the original material. Moreover, it is featured with many excellent properties. Such as luxurious beauty, colorful decoration; Weather resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-strike, fire prevention, moisture proof, sound insulation, heat insulation and shock resistance; Light, easy to process, easy to handle, easy to install, and so on. These properties have opened up a wide application prospect for the aluminum composite panel.

The production process of the aluminum composite panel - Chemical Conversion Coating line

The formation linkage line plays the role of cleaning the rolling oil, anti-oxidation oil and other dirt on the surface of the aluminum roll. In addition, the impurity that settling out on the surface of the aluminum material can be removed, including silicone, magnesium, copper and so on. Our Company chooses the high quality chemical raw materials and adopts advanced technology to process the aluminum coil surface. A dense honeycomb oxide film will come to form on the surface of the aluminum roll. And then the paint and aluminum roll will be tightly connected with this mediator. It has a great adhesion.

Aluminum composite panel production process - precision coating line

The precision coating line is to paint the finished aluminum coil according to the customer needs.
We adopt the international advanced precision three-roll reverse rolling machine, which can be used for precise coating in the closed and dust-free state so that the coating thickness and the appearance quality of the coating will be well controlled. The oven is divided into four zones to control temperature, so that the solvent resistance, hardness, and flexibility of the coating will be controlled in the best condition. And the finished product features great gloss, adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum plastic sheet production process - continuous hot paste composite line.

Continuous hot paste composite line is the key to the forming of the aluminum composite panel. Its role is to firmly cohere the aluminum layer, PE core layer and polymer film under the action of continuous high temperature and high pressure, forming the smooth surface.

Our company uses imported polymer film and relies on advanced equipment, perfect technology, and strict control so that the aluminum composite panel has super stripping degree, which has exceeded the indicator of the international well-known brands.

The construction method
1. General fixation method.
2. Corner construction method.
3. Vertical construction method.
4. Horizontal construction method.
5. Three-dimensional construction method.
6. Beam construction method.
7. Exterior wall Angle construction method.
8. Interior Angle construction method.
9. Window edge construction method.
10. The construction method of wall end and window edge.
11. Geographic construction method.
12. The construction method of curved and top coat leaves.
13. Cylindrical construction method.
14. The curved construction method of window edge.
15. General panel construction method.
16. Concrete wall construction method.
17. Skeleton construction method.
18. Suspension construction method.

The neat glue line of aluminum composite panel
There is a certain width gap between the aluminum composite panels when they are decorated on the plastic board. For aesthetic needs, black sealants are usually filled in gaps. When gluing, in order to save time, some workers do not use paper tape to ensure that the glue is neat. They may use the surface protection film of the aluminum composite panel as an alternative. Because the protective film will exist a different degree of tear when the aluminum plastic plate is cut. So if some manufacturer uses it as a substitute to the tape, it is impossible to ensure the glue is neat.

The dimple on the surface of the aluminum composite panel
If there is collapse which has a thumbprint size on the surface of the aluminum sheet, the cause is the stiff spot of the polymeric membrane. The stiff spots of the polymeric membrane have different sizes. They are generally white and has a large rice grain size. This is the quality problem of the rubber layer. When the granular material is being composed, the surrounding air cannot be squeezed out like the bubble in the aluminum composite panel and is wrapped into the board. When the stiff spots are melt, it can bond with the plating layer, forming spots. It is necessary to put an end to the problem of material purchase and production management.

Poor adhesion
Poor adhesion and adhesive failure are very worrying problems in the production of the aluminum composite panel. There are lots of factors contribute to this problem, including the factors of device and operation, such as the core board cold deformation, deformation of the aluminum coil, the smoke pollution on the aluminium surface, etc. When the plastic contains the low molecular chemical additives such as the opening agent and the lubricant, the adhesion of the adhesive layer is also slowly damaged, and the phenomenon of adhesive failure occurs. Jinxiang Panel has the ability to avoid this problem and provide with high-quality products.
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