Wood Grain Aluminum Composite Panel

With the rapid development of society, people's life is getting better and better. Many kinds of technology panels have been invented, and the wood grain aluminum composite panel is one of them. The wood grain aluminum composite panel is a kind of aluminum panel with wood grain on the surface, which is mostly used for decoration on the surface of the building. The following is the performance of the wood grain aluminum composite panel.

Wood Grain Aluminum Composite Panels

As a kind of aluminum panel curtain wall products, aluminum composite panel curtain wall products have the advantages of easy processing, economical and practical, superior quality and so on, compared with the single aluminum plate curtain wall and honeycomb aluminum sheet curtain wall. It is the most widely used and mostly produced one in the aluminum panel curtain wall products. It is the advantages of the aluminum composite panel that has made the aluminum composite panel developed greatly in the short ten years in our country.

Wood aluminum composite panel - easy to process, easy to install.

The aluminum composite panel has adopted new technology. The key technical indicators - peel strength of aluminum composite panel has been increased in an excellent shape, thus the flatness and weather ability of aluminum composite panel is increased accordingly. 

Every square meter of Aluminum composite panel only weights 3.5-5.5 kilograms. So it can reduce the harm caused by earthquake disasters and is easy to carry. Its superior constructability enables workers to complete cutting, chamfering, bending with simple woodworking tools. It can be changed into various shapes according to the demand of designer. Easy and fast installation can reduce the construction cost. Light product structure enables ordinary carpenter to shape and construct aluminum composite panel without being limited by subject condition and processing equipment.

Wood aluminum composite panel - fire-proof and impact-resistant

The wood aluminum composite panel features an excellent fire-proof performance. Because the aluminum composite panel is composed of the Flame retardant material PE plastic in the middle and two incombustible aluminum layers on the surface. Therefore, it's a kind of safety fireproof material which meets the standard of building codes. In addition, it features strong impact resistance, high toughness, nondestructive paint and will not be damaged by wind and sand in areas with large wind and sand.

Wood aluminum composite panel - wide application

1. Applicable scenes - resident, hotel, conference hall, office building, enterprise, government, shopping mall, KTV, gymnasium, entertainment center;
2. Applicable object surface - curtain wall, interior wall, ceiling, cabinet, wardrobe, electrical appliance surface.
3. Thoroughly solve the defects of paint, coating, and wallpaper - completely replace the fire-proof plate, aluminum panel, wood grain decorative board, ceramic tile, marble, wallpaper and so on, making life easier.
4. The style is self-contained - fashion, simplicity, luxury, dignity, pastoral, retro, warm, romantic... To make the decoration relaxing but not complicated, the space concise but not simple.

Wood aluminum composite panel - weatherability, color variety, and easy Maintenance

The Wood aluminum composite panel adopts the PVDF fluorocarbon lacquer which takes the KYNAR - 500 as the base material. Whether under the hot sunlight, cold wind or snow, its beautiful appearance will not fade for more than 10 years.

The coating of the aluminum composite panel is Uniform and colorful. Because it has been through chemical conversion coating and be applied with Henkle technology, the adhesion between the paint and panel is very uniform, it has diversified colors for you to choose, thus providing personalized products for you.

The wood composite panel is easy to maintain and performs better in the anti-pollution aspect. The city pollution in our country is very serious, the aluminum composite panel needs to be maintained and cleaned after a few years. Because it has an excellent self-cleaning ability, it can be clean with neutral detergent and water. After the cleaning, it will be as clean as a new one.

The above content is the introduction of the wood aluminum composite panel performance. The wood aluminum composite panel is not only easy to process but also performs well in resisting the climate temperature change. Plus, it is easy to maintain. And the wood grain aluminum plastic plate has bright and various colors and can be used for the building of a variety of different styles. Wood grain aluminum composite panel has decorated the buildings in our life and is a really useful kind of panel.

What causes the bubbling of the aluminum composite panel:

After removing the aluminum plate from the composite panel, you will find poor adhesion around the bubble. The cause of this phenomenon is that when the composite panel was rolled and integrated, the air around the bubble was remained between the layers of the panel and couldn't be squeezed out so that the integration of composite panel was blocked by the ultra-thin air layer. This non-melt matter may be the impurities mixed in the plastic particles or other plastic particles, the melting point of which is far higher than that of the polyethylene. The plastic particles was blocked at the side of the stainless steel wire mesh piece and couldn't be the meltdown in the screw tubes. When gathered to a certain extent, the plastic particles led to the increase of back pressure and be squeezed out of strainer, and then formed the bubbling.

For the production of the thin plastic plate, it's necessary to adopt a certain number of multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh filter. For the core panel, we adopt the orifice plate which is far thinner than the composite panel and has a certain aperture. So that there will not be bubbles.

Therefore, this is the reason for the bubbling of aluminum composite panel. Only if the composite panels are produced without the problem, the benefit of enterprises will not be reduced. Employees must pay attention to the problem during the production so that their work efficiency can be promoted.

Common quality problems and their solutions in the composite process of aluminum composite panel
There are two main problems in the quality of aluminum plastic plate, one is the quality of coating, and the second is that of composite process. The coating quality problem mainly occurs in the process of pretreatment and coating processing of aluminum plate. And the composite processing problem is mainly the technical problems and management in the composite process. Some of these problems are influenced by a single factor, some are influenced by many factors. 
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