Aluminum Composite Panels -- How to Clean Up the Non-stick Adhesive Paper

Today we, an aluminum composite panel manufacturer from China, will introduce the ways that how to clean up the non-sticky paper on the aluminum composite panel. Hope we will help you.

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Non-sticky glue is afraid of hot attrition and high temperature most, so it can be washed easily when you hold its weak place. Here are some ways to handle it in different situations:

1. Small area of adhesive -- directly clean with the drawing eraser, but must ensure that the eraser is clean, so as not to pollute the glass.

2. Large area of adhesive -- after using eraser, wipe with the soft cloth which dipped in gasoline or alcohol and it will easily clean up.

3. There are a slow way, but it can clean up it as well -- wipe with a clean towel or soft cloth dipped in warm or hot water repeatedly( the adhesive will melt when it is heated in principle) in order to soften the adhesive, and then wipe with the towel dipped in soap or washing powder or detergent repeatedly; Finally, wipe off the soap with a warm wet towel, so that the glass is not only clean but also transparent.

4. In addition, you can buy some adhesive remover in the market. If you go to an auto beauty shop, you can wash it there. Buy something called a "tar, bitumen cleaner," spray bottle, you can wash the adhesive. (supplement: xylene can also clean up the adhesive).

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