Appearance & Quality of Fire Resistant Aluminum Composite Panels

Fireproof aluminum composite panels is a core layer with inorganic material, the compound board that both sides is aluminum, and coats with coating or thin model serve as the adornment face of the product in surface.

fire resistant aluminium composite panel
The judgement of the appearance and quality of the fire resistant aluminium composite panel shall be based on the following standards:
fire resistant aluminium composite panel
1. The indentation
No indentation is allowed. ACP aluminium composite panel should have a certain height in storage. Don't put it high, otherwise there must be indentation.

2. Mark
No imprinting mark is allowed. The surface of aluminum composite panels should be clean in storage, in order to prevent the foreign body to leave imprinting marks.

3. The concave and convex
No bump is allowed.

4. The core board
Front and back core plates are not allowed to be exposed.

5. Corrugate
No corrugate is allowed. Conrrugate refers to undecorative wave texture or concave and convex on the decorative surface of the product.

6. Bubble
No bubble is allowed.

7. Defect
The defect refers to the local flaw on the decoration layer of the product. The maximum size of defects shall be less than or equal to 2mm and the number of defects shall not exceed 2 per square meter

8. Scratch
No scratch is allowed. When aluminum composite panels is being carried, 4 horn must be raised flatly, in order to prevent scratch.

9. The color difference
Visual inspection is not obvious. At the time of arbitration△E≤2,except the decorative patterns and color exception.

The defects on the surface which are not mentioned in the above paragraphs shall be agreed by both parties in accordance with the principle of not affecting the requirements of the buyer.
fire resistant aluminium composite panelfire resistant aluminium composite panelfire resistant aluminium composite panel

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