Application of Aluminum Plastic Board in Home Decoration Industry

Aluminum-plastic sheet has been widely used in home decoration in recent years because of its smooth surface, brilliant color, strong impact resistance, clean and convenient, durable, fast construction. Aluminum-plastic panels are divided into two categories: exterior wall engineering panels and interior wall decoration panels. The latter is commonly used in family decoration. Aluminum-plastic sheet can be divided into two kinds: double-sided and single-sided. The surface of double-sided aluminium-plastic sheet is rust-proof and high strength aluminium alloy sheet. The front side is sprayed and the reverse side is the same color. The single-sided aluminium-plastic sheet has only one layer of aluminium alloy sheet on its surface, which is slightly weaker in strength and cheaper in price. Surface spraying quality, good aluminium plastic using imported hot-pressing spraying process, paint film color uniformity, strong adhesion, not easy to strip after scratching.

ACP home interiors are generally used in restaurant, kitchen, bathroom and room heating hood, partition and other shapes. In construction, first of all, the base surface of the board should be dry and flat. It is better to use multi-layer board and blockboard as the bottom layer to prevent cracking and deformation. Secondly, when pasting aluminum-plastic sheets, attention should be paid to the uniformity of the glue coating. When the strong glue diluent volatilizes, it can be pasted by hand without sticking, and compacted by hammer. Aluminum-plastic sheet should be divided into several parts according to the design requirements when using. It is not suitable to use the whole sheet or large area, otherwise it is easy to cause empty drum. Aluminum-plastic plate seams are generally sealed with glass glue, which requires that the seals be uniform and full. After drying, the surface should be cleaned up, so that the lines are thick and fine.

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