Aluminum composite panel brand tells you what are specifictions of general Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel is now becoming  popular decorative material. First of all, its colors are abundant, besides, it is can be used indoors and outdoors, its generation of words are fashion and elegance. Aluminum composite panel brand tells you what are specifications of general Aluminum composite panel . General specification of general Aluminum composite panel is 1.22M×2.44M, its thickness is 3-5MM with single face and double-faced type. It also has many specifications with 8 silk-30 silk in accordance with the thickness of aluminum sheet. It can be divided into indoor and outdoor usage in accordance with its use, there is also difference between polyester plate and fluorine carbon plate. If it is used outdoors , it still can be customized with its longest length 6M. The following seven points should be paid attention to when we choose aluminum composite panel: 1. Look--Check whether its surface is flat and smooth or not and look at its ripple, bubble, well point and scratch. 2. Measure--Measure whether it meets the international standard of aluminum composite panel, inner wallboard is at least 3mm and external wallboard 4mm, its thickness must be 0.5mm. 3. Fold--Fold one of its angles, if it is broken easily, it will not be PE material and be fake. 4. Burn--The real PE material in the middle of aluminum composite panel will be burnt really while the fake one will with impurities. 5. Plane--Check if its front is broken when its groove is bending. 6. Drop--Drop butanone to test fluoracarbon coating of side facia and drop xylene to test inner wallboard coating, wipe it after 5 minutes to check if its bottom is came out. 7. Ask--Ask manufacturers for quality report, quality assurance, ISO-9002 international quality certificate. The regular manufacturers are always with these to make sure the quality. Compare qualities when their prices are the same, in other words, compare prices when their qualities are the same. Aluminum composite panel is widely used because of its various types, good prices, smooth surface and high qualities, the regular manufacturers will not behave affectedly in the process of producing aluminum composite panel.
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