Application of ACP Home Interiors Decoration

Application of ACP home interiors decoration

ACP home interiors is a new type of decoration material for buildings. It has the characteristics of small quality, impact resistance, waterproof, fire prevention, weather resistance, durability, easy processing and good decorative effect. It can not only be used as curtain wall material, but also be widely used in various decoration of buildings. Mainly used for interior wall, ceiling and other decoration. There are many places to use, such as airports, waiting rooms at stations, hospitals, schools, banks and so on.

Decoration characteristics of ACP home interiors

The quality of small ACP Rated is 3 mm * 1220 mm * 2440 mn, and the quality is only 11.5 kg. Therefore, it is very beneficial for large-scale decoration and construction, which can greatly save working time, improve work efficiency and shorten the cycle.

The impact-resistant aluminium-plastic sheet is made of giant alloy sheet and polyethylene composite material. The wood is strong and has certain impact resistance. It can be used for decorating indoor walls and roofs.

Waterproof and fire rated ACP itself is a non-absorbent material, and its surface is a huge piece of wood-burning material, so it has certain waterproof and fire-proof properties. It can lift the waterproofing ability and combustion performance from the decoration surface, etc.

Weatherproof and durable aluminium sheets on the surface of aluminium-plastic sheets are processed with hard nickel-chromium strands, so they have certain weatherproof properties. It is used for decorating walls and roofs. Because of its good weather resistance, the decoration surface can last forever, with color and brightness.

Easy processing

Aluminum-plastic sheet is easy to process. It can be bent, opened, cut and cut by manual or electric tools. It is used to decorate all kinds of walls and roofs. No matter how complex the geometric shape of the decorated surface is, it can be processed and manufactured.

Decorative effect

Whether it is mirror panel, mirror pattern board, or non-mirror aluminum-plastic board, it can be used for decorating walls and roofs, all of which can achieve the special decoration effect of bright, magnificent, upright, beautiful and generous.

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