Cleaning Tips of Fire Rated ACP

Anyone who knows fire rated ACP or has used fire rated ACP knows that fire-proof decorative panels are very simple to clean. This is one of the fundamental characteristics of fire rated ACP. fire rated ACP is also expected by the market in the decoration profession nowadays. However, different stains on the surface of fire rated ACP has different treatment methods. Some stubborn stains have their own treatment tips, improper treatment may damage the surface, or eradicate the unclean.

1. Dust

Dust is the most common stain. If there is dust on the wall decorated with fire rated ACP at home, it can be wiped directly with chicken feather duster or cloth. Dry and wet wiping can be done.

2. Oil pollution.

As for oil stain, as long as the stain is not too long on the surface of fire rated ACP, it can be cleaned directly with napkin paper. If the time is too long to clean with napkins, water and detergent can be mixed and diluted, and then directly wiped with a mixture of cloth dipping liquid, you can recover bright. Kitchen and bathroom, as well as the wall of the hall advocate the selection of smooth or embossed series, the appearance of the lines is not deep and simple cleaning.

3. Handwriting

It is unavoidable for families with children to have notes on their furniture and walls, if they can be erased directly with erasers, such as colored pens, neutral pens and pencils. If it's an oily marker, we can dip alcohol in cloth or paper towels. If there is no alcohol, the effect of soaking the essence of wind oil is also excellent, and then repeated wiping can be removed. If crayons can be scraped off with cardboard or plywood, they will not damage the appearance.

4. Other stains

If it is adhered to such as mud or glue, it can be scraped off with cardboard or plywood first, then wiped off with wet cloth or rubber, which can effectively resist the usual stains. If the bathroom is waterlogged, wipe it off with a wet cloth. Usually, fire rated ACP with good quality are very simple to clean, not simple to damage and scratch, and they are more durable. Therefore, when choosing fire-proof panels, we should ensure the quality of the brand. Fire rated ACP has always been based on brand quality as the fulcrum of occupational safety. It has undertaken many decoration projects and has been trusted and praised by customers.

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