Development and Characteristics of ACP Sheets

Aluminum-plastic sheet, in fact, is the abbreviation of aluminium-plastic composite sheet. ACP sheet is a light wall decorative material, which is composed of aluminum alloy board on both sides, low density polyethylene core layer and adhesives. As a new type of building material, ACP sheet is widely used in building exterior wall decoration, signboard, exhibition board, advertising board, building partition board, interior wall decoration board, etc.

1.Characteristics of ACP sheet

The surface of the board is flat, the color is uniform, the color difference is small (directional), the body is light, and it has certain stiffness and strength. Because of the fluorocarbon coating used on the surface of the sheet, it can resist acid and alkali corrosion, and has the advantages of powder resistance, anti-ultraviolet irradiation and no color change. But unlike some instructions that "easy to process, as long as there are simple woodworking tools, you can process in the field", this is unrealistic. Generally, aluminium-plastic sheets are not fireproof. When the surface meets high temperature, aluminium sheets will bubbles. If 0.5mm ACP sheet meets fire, it is easy to melt. interlayer PE and PVC will burn, emit harmful gases and have the risk of asphyxiation. Aluminum-plastic composite board is widely used in many aspects because of its excellent characteristics.

2. Development of ACP sheet

The production of ACP sheet in China began in the 1990s. After nearly 10 years of development, remarkable progress has been made in market recognition, output, variety, process, quality, standard and application. According to incomplete statistics, since 1998, the annual output of ACP sheet has increased by nearly 30%. By 2002, the annual output of ACP sheets had exceeded 50 million square meters, the annual output value exceeded 10 billion yuan, and a certain scale of export capacity had been formed. It can be said that ACP sheet has developed vigorously in China as an industry.

ACP sheet can be roughly divided into outdoor and indoor use, and then can be divided into fire protection type and general type. Nowadays, a large number of sales in the market are of the general type. ACP sheet for outdoor use is 0.5mm aluminum plate (generally pure aluminum plate), and the middle sandwich is PE (polyethylene) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the thickness of sandwich is 3-5mm. The interlayer of fire-proof aluminium-plastic composite board is FR (fire-proof plastic). The thickness of aluminium-plastic composite board for outdoor use is 4-6 mm. The thickness of the sandwich layer is 2.5-3 mm, and the thickness of the indoor ACP sheet is 3-4 mm. The standard specifications of aluminium-plastic sheet products are generally 1220 (wide) x 2440 (long) x thickness, and the width can also reach 1250 or 1500 mm. The thinnest thickness should be 4 mm for outdoor use and 3 mm for indoor use. If the interlayer of ACP sheet is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), chlorine gas (toxic gas) will be produced when the composite board is burned and heated, which is very dangerous.
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