How to Identify the Quality of ACP Aluminum?

ACP has been widely used in home decoration in recent years because of its smooth surface, brilliant color, strong impact resistance, clean and convenient, durable, fast construction. Aluminum-plastic panels are divided into two categories: exterior wall engineering panels and interior wall decoration panels. The latter is commonly used in family decoration. Aluminum-plastic sheet can be divided into two kinds: double-sided and single-sided. The surface of double-sided ACP is rust-proof and high strength ACP. Front spraying, reverse ACP. The single-sided ACP has only one layer of ACP on its surface, which is slightly weaker in strength and cheaper in price. Surface spraying quality, good ACP using imported hot-pressing spraying process, paint film color uniformity, strong adhesion, not easy to strip after scratching.

Analysis of common quality problems

Discoloration and decolorization of plastic sheet

The discoloration and decolorization of ACP are mainly caused by improper selection of sheets. ACP are divided into indoor and outdoor panels. The surface coatings of the two kinds of panels are different, which determines their application in different occasions. The surface of indoor plate is usually sprayed with resin coating, which can not adapt to the harsh outdoor natural environment. If used outdoors, it will naturally accelerate the aging process and cause discoloration and decolorization. The polyfluoroelastic coating with strong anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet ability is generally used for the surface coating of outdoor ACP. The price of this kind of sheet is very expensive. Some construction units deceive owners and use indoor plates as anti-aging and anti-corrosion high-quality fluorocarbon plates to extract unreasonable profits. As a result, serious discoloration and decolorization of ACP used in engineering occur.

Opening and shedding of plastic sheet

The main reason why the ACP opens and falls off is the improper choice of binder. As an ideal binder for outdoor ACP engineering, silicone gel has unique advantages. Previously, China's silicone glue mainly relied on imports, and its price deterred many people. Only those high-rise curtain wall projects with high price dare to ask for it. Now, Zhengzhou, Guangdong, Hangzhou and other places in China have put into production different brands of silicone gel, resulting in a sharp drop in prices. Now, when buying ACP, sellers will recommend the special fast-drying glue. This kind of glue can be used indoors. When it is used outdoors in the changeable climate, the phenomenon of glue opening and shedding occurs.

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