Problems in China's ACP Aluminum Industry

Since the late 1980s when China began to import ACP, great progress has been made, which is obvious to all. But we should also see that there are still many problems in the development. We should face these problems squarely and try to solve these problems so as to make the aluminum-plastic sheet industry of our country develop continuously and steadily. There are several main problems in China's ACP.

1. Quality of products:

Some leading enterprises in China's leading industry of ACP can completely compare with foreign brands in terms of production technology and product quality. But as far as the overall quality is concerned, there is still a certain gap with the advanced level of foreign countries. According to some ACP projects that have been completed and put into use, some projects appear bubbling, fading and separation of sheet surface and plastic core material. Although there are construction problems, product quality is also an important factor.

2. The problem of disorderly competition:

China's ACP industry has a characteristic, the number of enterprises is relatively large and the scale is not too large, which is different from that of developed countries.

In China, due to the market potential and profit margin, the blind construction of the production line of ACP is caused. Most of the enterprises mainly produce low-grade products, which are not perfect in technology development, production management, product inspection and other aspects, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Because of the blind construction of production line and the unreasonable enterprise structure, the fierce market competition has resulted. Although the competition will eliminate the fittest, the whole industry will suffer greatly from this process.

3. Applied technology research issues:

ACP has been developed and manufactured in China for more than 10 years. With the joint efforts of colleagues in the industry, although China has formulated national standards, and established a product quality supervision and testing center. However, it lags behind developed countries in the establishment of construction norms and the standardization of supporting products. Lack of attention to the quality of construction results in complaints from owners about the quality of ACP from time to time due to construction quality problems, which hinders the further popularization and application of ACP.

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