Recognition Method of Fire Rated ACP

In recent years, the state attaches great importance to the use of fire-retardant decorative materials in public places, and fire rated ACP has appeared in the market.

Aluminum-plastic sheets are mainly divided into three categories.

First, the fire resistance is better than the national compulsory standard, and the combustion performance is not less than B1, and the core material is environmentally friendly, and does not contain halogen flame retardant polyethylene special material.

The second type is made of halogen-containing flame-retardant core material. This means that the core material is waste polyethylene (recycled plastics) and halogen polymers or flame retardants.

Third, polyethylene recycled materials are colored white with titanium dioxide, or are filled with a large amount of calcium carbonate to impersonate a common board which is basically non-fire-resistant.

Since the market is full of fake and inferior fire rated ACP, how do we identify them?

First, color discrimination. The authentic B1 fire rated ACP is generally white, and its peeled surface and cross-section are generally white, which meets the standard structural fire-proof requirements. Most of the fake B1 fire rated ACP is gray and dark white. This does not meet the fire protection requirements of building materials, and the more common aluminum-plastic composite board is generally black color core without fire protection function.

Secondly, in the process of identifying fire-proof core materials, people usually prefer to use lighters to test the intermediate core materials for identifying. Counterfeit B1 fire rated ACP is easily ignited, resulting in a large number of black smoke and pungent odor, core melting.

Authentic B1 fire-proof core material, which ignites slowly and droplets, contacts with oxygen on the core combustion surface covered by combustion oxides on its surface, and generates moisture during combustion to reduce combustion temperature, thus realizing flame-retardant and self-extinguishing.

From the above, it can be seen that halogen-free flame retardant technology is in line with the development direction of international flame retardant building materials, non-toxic and pollution-free, suitable for the development direction of building decoration materials, green and healthy.

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