What are Zhejiang alminum composite panel's construction methods?

Composite material that is chemically treated and processed by specialized equipment is what we called aluminum composite panel, it has special properties as well as their construction methods are deserve to be mentioned. Aluminum composite panel's surface material is chemically treated coating aluminum panel, its core material is polythene plastic, it is composite material that is processed in specified production equipment for aluminum composite panel. The special performance of aluminum composite panel decided its wide use: It can be used on outer wall of building and wallboard of curtain, it also can be used for renovating old buildings, internal wall, decorating ceiling, advertising signboard, displaying bench and purification and dust prevention engineering. Aluminum composite panel has already used in China, it's a kind of new building and ornament material. Firstly bouncing the position line of the vertical bar and then fastening the anchorage point of vertical bar. Using rivet to fasten aluminum composite pane facing to structural steel skeleton, the distance between board is from 10 to 15mm and then injecting silicone to seal. It is not allowed to open warping paper until packing protective film is opened by the completion of front and then start to construct according to the arrow direction. Skeleton should be installed by welding, when it is installed, you should check elevation, center line position at any time, at the same time,  you should do the anti-rust paint for section. Fixed attachment should be examined and recorded snugly, including the welding length, thickness, elevation location, quantity and insert depth of adapting piece. Aluminum composite panel can be used indoors and outdoors with different specifications, in addition, the brand of aluminum composite panel is still important. Jinxiang Plate Industry is a good choice because of its many years of manufacturing experience.

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