What is PVC Wallpaper?

PVC adhesive paper bottom wallpaper

What is PVC wallpaper?

PVC wallpaper (plastic wallpaper/PVC wallpaper/adhesive wallpaper) is the most common wallpaper on the market at present. It mainly refers to wallpaper made of polyethylene wall panels surface and base material after sizing, pressing, printing, embossing, coating and foaming. According to the processing form of PVC, it can be divided into the following two categories: PVC coated Wallpaper - pure paper, spun or non-woven fabrics are used as substrates, and the surface is sprayed with PVC paste resin and processed. This kind of wallpaper is also called foamed wallpaper after foaming treatment. It can create a strong three-dimensional texture, and can produce various realistic texture effects such as imitation wood grain, brocade and ceramic tile. It has good air permeability, oil resistance and moisture resistance. Some of them are even suitable for wet places, including kitchens and bathrooms. PVC Adhesive Wallpaper - Pure paper, spun or non-woven fabrics are used as substrates, and the surface is covered with a layer of PVC film and processed. This kind of wallpaper printing is exquisite and the texture of embossing is delicate. It has the characteristics of good water and moisture resistance, high durability and easy maintenance, so it is widely used in home and commercial places. This is the most popular wallpaper and the most widely used wallpaper. According to the different substrates, it can be divided into the following two categories: Adhesive paper wallpaper is the most widely used product at present. It is economical and easy to install, but relatively easy to damage. Rubber base wallpaper - divided into spun and non-woven bottom. This kind of wallpaper is also classified as one kind of wallpaper by some merchants, which is relatively expensive and difficult to pave. However, the general durability is better, and the whole piece can be torn off when replaced.

PVC coated rubber base wallpaper

Three-dimensional wallpaper with PVC-coated adhesive cloth bottom imitating cultural brick

PVC wallpaper has advantages and preferential price. The color pattern selection is rich and plasticity is high, the texture is realistic and stereoscopic, and the decoration is high. Wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fire resistance, sound absorption and heat insulation are high. Easy to clean, can be scrubbed with wet cloth; Not easily affected by the sun and fade. The disadvantages of PVC wallpaper are poor air permeability, easy to be mildewed by dampness, low environmental protection and poor product quality on the market.

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