Wide Application of Brushed Aluminum Panels

Aluminum can be seen everywhere in our life. Aluminum tableware, shelves and traffic signs on the road are all aluminum products. Of course, there are countless uses of aluminium, and many industries will use it in science and technology. Even space flight, which we do not normally contact, and even precision instruments and weapons will use Aluminium. So when it comes to brushed Aluminum panels, we can imagine that it must not be ordinary Aluminium. We all know from the name that it must be specially processed Aluminium sheet, so its use must be very special. What are the characteristics or advantages of brushed Aluminum panels?

1. Metallic feeling, when used for decoration, it shows the grade of the product, and it is more atmospheric and environmental friendly than the surface covered by paint.

2. No paint on the surface, more fire-proof, no toxic gases, and no combustion at high temperature. It meets the requirements of fire protection and environmental protection.

3. Plasticity is excellent, easy to bend, easy to process directly, no complex surface treatment is needed, so the manufacturing cycle is short and the cost of forming products is low, so it is widely used in decoration.

4. Anti-oxidation, long-term use will not discolor, will not rust. Thickened brushed Aluminum panels can be exposed to strong light for a long time without discoloration. Standard thickness is suitable for indoor use. Thickening is mainly used outdoors.

5. Easy to clean. When the surface is stained, it can be cleaned directly without leaving any spots.

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