Zhejiang aluminum composite panel can bu used indoors and outdoors

Building and ornament materials is changing constantly with many new decorative materials, but the application of aluminum composite panel never change forever. The aluminum composite panel brand thinks there is a long way to go, such as more widely use of it and better performance. Aluminum composite panel is also called aluminum-plastic composite panel, its surface material material is chemically treated coating aluminum panel, its core material is polythene plastic, it is composite material that is processed in specified production equipment for aluminum composite panel. The special performance of aluminum composite panel decided its wide use: It can be used on outer wall of building and wallboard of curtain, it also can be used for renovating old buildings, internal wall, decorating ceiling, advertising signboard, displaying bench and purification and dust prevention engineering. Aluminum composite panel has already used in China, it's a kind of new building and ornament material. Aluminum composite panel refers to a kind of building and ornament material that after chromizing and processing with fluorocarbon spraying technology. Fluorocarbon coatings mainly refers to KANAR500, it has primer, finishing coat and varnish,, its process divided into twice , three times and four times coating. Fluorocarbon coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, it can resist acid rain, salt mist and other air pollutant, it also has good cold and heat resistance, it can resist strong ultraviolet light and keep fastness and non-chalking with long lives. Aluminum composite panel with long lifetime not only can be used indoors but also outdoors. It is an durable product that can resist shining from ultraviolet light. It is used well among construction.

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