Classification, Construction and Installation of Aluminum Composite Panel

Sort by purpose

A. Aluminum plastic composite panel are used for curtain walls of buildings

The minimum thickness of the upper and lower aluminum plates shall not be less than 0.50mm, and the total thickness shall not be less than 4mm. Aluminum material should meet the requirements of GB/T 3880, the general use of 3000, 5000 series of aluminum alloy plate, coating should use fluorocarbon resin coating.

B. Aluminum plastic composite panel for exterior wall decoration and advertising

The upper and lower aluminum plates shall be made of rust resistant aluminum with a thickness not less than 0.20mm and a total thickness not less than 4mm. Fluorocarbon coating or polyester coating is generally used.

C. Aluminum plastic composite panel for indoor use

The upper and lower aluminum plates generally adopt aluminum plates with a thickness of 0.20mm and a minimum thickness of not less than 0.10mm. The total thickness is generally 3mm. Coating with polyester coating or acrylic coating.

Classify by surface decoration effect

A. Coating decorative aluminum plastic composite panel

The aluminum plate surface is coated with various decorative coatings. Fluorocarbon, polyester, acrylic coating is widely used, mainly including metal color, plain color, pearl color, fluorescence color and other colors, with decorative role, is the most common variety in the market.

B. Oxidized coloring aluminum plastic composite panel

Anodized aluminum alloy panels with timely treatment have rosy, bronzed and other unique colors, has a special decorative effect.

C. Laminated decorative composite board

It is to press the craft condition that colour grain film sets namely, rely on the action of adhesive, make colour grain film adhesive is on the aluminous board that besmear has primer or stick directly on the aluminous board that classics defatting handles. Main breed has grain grain, wood grain board to wait.

D. Color printed aluminum plastic composite panel

Different patterns through advanced computer phototypesetting printing technology, the color ink on the transfer paper to print a variety of imitation natural patterns, and then indirectly through heat transfer printing technology on the aluminum plastic composite panel to copy a variety of imitation natural patterns. Can satisfy the originality of stylist and owner's individual choice.

E. Brushed aluminum composite panel

The aluminium alloy face plate that USES surface classics wiredrawing processing, common it is product of gold wiredrawing and silver wiredrawing, bring different vision to enjoy to the person.

F. Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel

The surface of the aluminum alloy panel is polished like a mirror.

mirror aluminum composite panel

The technology of the Dry hanging aluminum plastic composite panel construction

(1) Construction stringing according to the actual civil engineering center line and elevation point; The design of the decorative surface is based on the axis of the building. The aluminum plastic plate skeleton is composed of horizontal and vertical parts. The position line of the vertical bar is played well first, and then the anchorage point of the vertical bar is determined.

(2) install fixed connectors. Fix the connector by electric welding, and apply anti-rust paint twice at the welding seam. Weld fixed connectors to embedded parts on the main structure. When the embedded iron parts are not embedded in the main structure, expansion bolts can be drilled into the main structure and fixed with the connecting iron parts.

(3) install the skeleton. Install the skeleton by welding. Check the elevation and center line position at any time during installation, and use anti-rust paint to deal with the welding seam at the section connection. Fixed fittings and made a hidden inspection record, including the length, thickness, position of the welding seam of fittings, buried elevation, quantity and embedded depth.

(4) install aluminum plastic composite panel on the internal frame of the profile. Firstly, tap and mill the screw hole position, and fix the aluminum plastic plate veneer on the profile steel frame block by block with rivets; Gap between plates for 10 ~ 15㎜injected silicone weathering sealant; It is strictly prohibited to remove the wrapping paper before the installation of aluminum plate. According to the direction of aluminum plastic arrow construction.

The dry-hang of the aluminous model board : do the foundation first. After finishing foundation, calculate the dimension of face plate according to dimension, and process the face plate, which is called professionally dish. First, make the base material, add 4cm to the length and width of the base material, and then use the special trimming machine on the back of the aluminum plastic composite panel, in each side of 2cm, make the hem seam 2 times thicker than the aluminum plastic composite panel , cut off any excess corners, and then fold the edges over, making sure they're right angles. Fixed with 1·5 * 1·5 * 1·5cm aluminum seven-word Angle (drilling with 4·2 bit, reinforce with the rivets). Hang dish now, fix aluminous model board on metope foundation with fast nail and special piece, put apart corresponding glue seam, which enables to hang from up or down.

It should be noted that the frame should be flat, vertical and square with a dimension error of about 5mm. Aluminum plastic composite panel should be square, the direction should be consistent, and the error should be controlled in about 3mm. Glue from top to bottom, first fill with foam bar, and then injection of glue, with greasy knife pressure, tear off the protective film.

According to industry standards, the thickness of aluminum plastic composite panel is generally more than 3mm, 3mm aluminum plastic composite panel thickness to 10 wire (that is, 0.1mm) more than 10, indoor aluminum plastic plate is generally 3mm, aluminum thickness has 10 wire, 15 wire, 21 wire, such as the concentration of commonly used thickness.

General aluminum plastic composite panel common aluminum thickness has the following several kinds.

Facade materials: 0.20mm, 0.30mm and 0.40mm, and 0.50mm. 0.30mm and 0.40mm are the most common.

The interior facades are made of materials with a wide range of aluminum thicknesses of 0.15 and 0.12-0.10 mm structures.

Installation of aluminum plastic composite panel curtain wall

I. installation of aluminum plastic curtain wall columns shall meet the following requirements:

(1) the column shall be connected with the connecting part first, and then the connecting part shall be connected with the embedded part of the main body, and shall be adjusted and fixed. The elevation deviation of the column installation shall not be greater than 3mm, the front and rear deviation of the axis shall not be greater than 2mm, and the left and right deviation shall not be greater than 3mm.

(2) the installation elevation deviation of two adjacent columns shall not be greater than 3mm, the maximum elevation deviation of the same floor column shall not be greater than 5mm, and the distance deviation of the two adjacent columns shall not be greater than 2mm.

Ii. The installation of aluminum plastic curtain wall beam shall meet the following requirements:

(1) the connectors and gaskets at both ends of the beam shall be installed at the predetermined position of the column and shall be firmly installed with tight joints;

(2) the horizontal elevation deviation of two adjacent beams shall not be greater than 1mm. Elevation deviation of the same floor: when the width of a wall is less than or equal to 35m, it shall not be greater than 5mm; When the width of a curtain wall is greater than 35m, it shall not be greater than 7mm.

Iii. Aluminum plastic curtain wall components shall be installed in accordance with the following requirements:

(1) horizontal and vertical connecting members shall be inspected, measured and adjusted;

(2) the left and right deviations and the upper and lower deviations of components shall not be greater than 1.5mm during installation;

(3) when installing empty joints, waterproof measures shall be taken and drainage holes shall be provided as required by the design;

(4) when filling silicone weathering adhesive, the width and thickness of aluminum plastic composite panel joints shall be constructed according to the technical parameters calculated by the design.

IV. The allowable deviation of the vertical component and the horizontal component assembly of aluminum plastic curtain wall shall conform to the following table.

Item number  Size range  Allowable deviation  Checking method

1.Adjacent vertical component spacing size (fixed end)  ±2.0  Using a steel tape measure two adjacent aluminum plates  below 20m  ±1.5±2.0  Guiding ruler

2.Size of spacing between adjacent transverse members Space<2000  Space≥2000  ±1.5±2.0  Using steel tape

3.The diagonal difference of the lattice  Diagonal<2000  Diagonal≥2000  3.0  3.5 Steel tape or Telescopic rod

4.Perpendicularity of a vertical member height≤30m height≤60m height≤90  height>90m  10  15  20  25  Theodolite or laser

5.Horizontal elevation difference between adjacent transverse members 2 Steel tape or gradienter

6.Horizontal level of component  the length of the component<2000 the length of the component≥2000  23  A level or a ruler

7.Straightness of vertical members 2.5  2.0m  Gliding ruler

8.Flatness of the outer surface of the vertical component the width of the adjacent three column≤20m  width≤40m width≤60m width>60m  ≤2≤5≤7≤9≤10 Laser

9.The level of the main components at the same height length≤35m length>35m≤5≤7 Level

10.The horizontal Angle of the connecting bracket under the aluminum plastic composite panel is allowed to tilt upward, not downward +2.0-0  Plug

11.Horizontal Angle of connecting bracket on aluminum plastic plate allows downward inclination  +0-2.0

V.The allowable deviation of aluminum plastic curtain wall shall conform to the following table.

Allowable deviation(mm) Checking method  Vertical seam and wall verticality  Curtain wall height (m)

10   Laser or theodolite


>30 H≤60 15

>60 H≤90 20

>90 25

Straightness of vertical seam of steel plate ruler 2.5  2m Guiding Ruler

Flatness of curtain wall 2.5 2m Guiding Ruler

Straightness of transverse seam of steel plate ruler

Gauge width of steel plate (compared with design value)±2 caliper

The height difference between adjacent panels with calipers  1.0  depthometer

VI. Rainwater leakage at joints of aluminum plastic curtain wall during installation.

VII. Concealed engineering projects for installation and construction of aluminum and plastic curtain wall shall be strictly inspected in accordance with the design drawing.

(1) installation of connecting nodes between the component and the main body;

(2) installation of clearance nodes around the curtain wall and between the inner surface of the curtain wall and the main structure;

(3) installation of curtain wall expansion joints, settlement joints, shock-proof joints and wall corner joints;

(4) installation of lightning protection nodes of curtain wall;

(5) installation of fire isolation layer nodes;

(6) installation of other hidden project nodes.

VIII. After the installation of aluminum plastic curtain wall components, silicone weathering adhesive shall be applied to seal the gap between the components and components. The surface of the adhesive shall be cleaned before applying the adhesive, and the surface of the adhesive joint shall be smooth and smooth after applying the adhesive.

IX. Protection and cleaning of aluminum plastic curtain wall.

(1) make corresponding protective measures for the components and panels of curtain wall. Deformation, discoloration or pollution shall not occur;

(2) adhesives with adverse effects on curtain wall and component surface should be removed in time during construction;

(3) after the curtain wall project is installed, a cleaning plan shall be formulated to avoid damage to the surface;

(4) when cleaning the aluminum plastic curtain wall, the cleaner shall meet the requirements and shall not produce corrosion and pollution.

The above is the classification of aluminum plastic composite panel, construction and installation methods that the editor collects. Welcome to collect and share with friends in need around.

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