The common quality problems of aluminum composite panels

Discoloration of aluminum composite panels

Discoloration of aluminium composite board is mainly due to the improper choice of the board material. Aluminium composite board is divided into indoor board and outdoor board. The surface coating of two kinds of board is different, which decided its applicable different occasion. The surface of the board that uses indoor sprays colophony coating commonly which cannot adapt to outdoor and adverse natural environment, if used in outdoor, nature can accelerate its ageing process, which causes the discoloration and decoloration. The exterior coating of aluminium composite plate chooses the polyfluorine elastomer coating with stronger ability to resist ageing, ultraviolet ray commonly, the price of this kind of board is expensive. Some construction units cheats owner, replace the high grade fluorine carbon plank that fights aging, anticorrosion with the plank that uses indoors and get unreasonable profit, and cause the aluminium plank that uses on the project to appear serious problem of discoloration.

Degumming of aluminum composite panels

Degumming of aluminum plastic board is due to the wrong choice of binder. As an ideal binder for outdoor aluminum composite plate engineering, silicone adhesive has advantaged conditions. In the past, China's silicone gel mainly relies on imports, its price makes a lot of people shrink back, only those expensive high-rise building curtain wall project dare to use. Now, Zhengzhou, Guangdong, Hangzhou and other places in China have been put into production of different brands of silicone gum, resulting in a sharp drop in prices. Now, when buying aluminum-plastic board, the sale chamber of commerce recommends that kind of special quick dry glue. This kind of glue is good in indoor use, but used in the outdoor, the board will face the problems of yackless and peeling.

Deformation and bulging on the surface of aluminum plastic board

In the city, you can easily discover the project that a few aluminum plastic board surface is out of shape. Small facade decoration projects have this phenomenon, large high-rise buildings also have this phenomenon. In the construction before, we used to think that this quality problem is the quality of the plate itself; Later, after everyone's concentrated analysis found that the main problem in the paste aluminum composite plate on the basic level of the plate, followed by the quality of aluminum plastic plate itself. Dealers often provide us with aluminum plastic plate construction technology, its recommended use of basic materials is mainly high density board, wood board and so on. Actually, when this kind of material is used outdoors, its service life is very flimsy, after passing wind to blow, insolation, rain drench, it can produce the problems of deformation and bulging. Since the base material has been deformed, the aluminum plastic plate as the surface layer will not deform? It can be seen that the ideal outdoor base material should be rustproof treatment, and angle steel, square steel pipe into the skeleton. If conditions permit, the use of aluminum as a skeleton is more ideal. The cost of the skeleton made of this kind of metal material is not much higher than that of wood keel and high density plate, but it does guarantee the quality of the project.

The glue is crooked for the acp panel

When decorating building surface, in the aluminium composite panel installation, acp panel has aperture of certain width commonly between board. In order to be beautiful, it is necessary to fill the gap with black sealant. Some construction personnel in order to save time, do not use paper tape to ensure the neat, rules of the rubber, but the use of aluminum composite plate surface protective film as a substitute. As the aluminum composite plate in cutting, the protective film will produce different degrees of tear, so use it as a substitute for protective tape, it is impossible to make the glue seam neat.

brushed aluminium composite sheet

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