Construction Technology of Interior Aluminum Composite Panel

Interior aluminum composite panel is often used for indoor wall decoration, and the specific aluminum plastic plate construction process steps are as follows:

1. Leveling of the base: the original wall foundation shall be leveled (generally simple tooling or home decoration shall not be done).

2. Install wooden keel: Drill holes on the metop and fix with the wooden tenon and use 20*30 wooden keel commonly (light steel keel can be used as well, and wooden keel need brush fireproof coating)

3. Install the base plate: multilayer board, joinery board is fixed on the wooden keel foundation or light steel keel (wood base plate need brush fireproof coating)

4. Install indoor aluminum composite panel: glue the back side of the aluminum composite board fully and wait for 10~15 minutes and then glue the board on the wall.

Top installation is about the same, but the keel fix is a bit different and the base board should not be too heavy because of the self-weight problem.
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