Construction technology standard of aluminum composite panel ceiling project

In the selection of materials, the specifications and color of the materials used in the aluminum composite panel ceiling should meet the design requirements, and aluminum plastic plate should have a product qualification certificate; decorative panel surface should be flat, edge should be neat, color should be consistent, and hole space should be arranged neatly.

In the construction process, the quality standard shall be:

(1)All varieties, specifications, colors, quality and skeleton construction shall be fixed in accordance with the design requirements and quality standards.

(2)Keel of ceiling and cover plate must be fixed firmly, and appearance should be orderly, beautiful, and not deform, decolorize, incomplete and break.

(3)Light steel frame shall not be bent or deformed, paper panel shall not be damped, warped or deformed, no edges or angles shall be missing, no delamination shall be allowed, and the thickness shall be consistent with the dryness.

(4)After ceiling installation is completed, do not allow external objects to impact, pollution.

(5)After completing the installation of the ceiling, the actual measurement shall be carried out. Under normal circumstances, the pipe shall be within 10 meters, and the sampling inspection of no less than 10% shall be carried out between the large area auditorium and the equiaxes.

(6)The cover panel with patterns and flower decorations shall ensure that its patterns and flower decorations are unified and correct after construction. The pattern pattern at the joints shall be identical and the strip shall be kept straight.
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