The difference between aluminum veneer and aluminum composite panel

Aluminum veneer is generally 2-4mm thick AA1100 pure aluminum plate or AA3003 aluminum alloy plate, in China commonly 2.5mm AA3003 aluminum alloy plate; Aluminum composite panel generally use 3-4mm three-layer structure, including the upper and lower two 0. 5mm clamps PVC or PE. We can see from the material, the cost of aluminum plastic composite plate must be much lower than aluminum veneer.

a.Machining process

At present, there are two kinds of aluminum veneer in the world: fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer and roller coating. The spraying production of aluminum veneer is divided into two steps:

First, sheet metal processing. This process is mainly through the plate cutting, folding, arc bending, welding, grinding and other processes, aluminum veneer processing into the shape and size required for construction.

Second spraying. Spraying is in the processing of good sheet metal painting spraying paint. Spraying is divided into two kinds, one is a manual spraying, one is a machine spraying. Machine spraying is generally only suitable for the rule of the flat plate, but this aluminum veneer in actual use is less. Artificial spraying is a dangerous work, because the paint volatile and toxic are relatively strong, because it is easy to cause chronic benzene series poisoning, serious impact on human health. One of the advantages of manual spraying is that regardless of the amount of size, color can be optional, and aluminum plastic plate roller coating must reach a certain amount of processing. 

Compared with aluminum veneer, the processing process of aluminum composite panel is more complex, basically including 4 big working procedure, these 4 processes besides repair edge,  others are all by automation production.

b.The cost and performance

The appearance of aluminum veneer is worse than that of aluminum composite panel, but its mechanical properties are obviously better than that of aluminum plastic sheet, and its resistance to wind pressure is also better than that of aluminum plastic sheet.

Fire-resistance aluminum veneer is not burning. The early aluminum plastic plate is not able to resist fire but with the development of aluminum plastic plate technology, now the performance of fire rated aluminium composite panel due to the addition of non-toxic flame retardant material in its PE, has been greatly improved, and it has been completely able to meet the needs of engineering fire protection. ( Welcome to buy fire rated aluminium composite panel from Zhejiang Jinxiang Panel Industry)

Aluminum veneer has a certain residual value, because of its high cost, compared with almost no residual value of aluminum plastic composite plate, the waste is relatively large.

More pictures of fire rated aluminium composite panels:

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