The Difference between Marble Aluminum Composite Panel and Marble Stone

1.Lighter weight

Marble aluminum composite panel can only be about 5mm thick (composite with aluminum plastic board). Commonly used compound ceramic tile has 12mm thick only, which saves a lot of cost in the transportation. It is the best choice below the circumstance that has limitation of requirement of heavy load to the building.

2. Stronger resistance to pressure

After marble compounds with tile, aluminum honeycomb plate and other composite, its flexural, shear crushing strength has been significantly increased. The strength increases more than 5 times, so it can greatly reduce damage rate in the process of transportation, installation and use.

3. Improved anti-pollution ability

If ordinary marble raw stone in the installation process is used to wet paste with cement, cement mortar will produce chemical changes to form calcium hydroxide and the marble is easy to cause reverse osmosis, resulting in a variety of different discoloration and stains on the marble surface, and marble composite board reduces the occurrence of this phenomenon.

4. Easier to control color difference

Because marble is made of raw stone material which is cut into many pieces and ceramic tile, so the decorative pattern and color transition are natural, and when used in a large area, it can achieve the consistency of its color and decorative pattern.

5. Reduce installation cost

The radiation of natural mineral of traditional stone material is bigger, marble compound board can reduce the use of natural resources on the one hand, and also can reduces radiation to achieve environmental protection purpose thereby.

6.More styles

Composite board greatly improves the strength of marble, so it can have many sizes and colors that the ordinary marble does not have, which greatly improve the application of marble range.

7. Easy installation

Because it has above characteristic, in installing process, quality, intensity and divisional joining together raised installation efficiency and safety greatly, and it reduced installation cost at the same time, which is the same as ceramic tile.

8. Less loss

Because marble is bulky, transportation and paving costs are high, processing degree is not enough, the construction process is prone to damage, and construction loss of composite plate is small due to good strength and uniform size.
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