What is the difference between PVC plastic plate and Aluminum composite panels?

In the home decoration, the decoration of the metope of the kitchen and toilet has become the construction project that every family must undertake. Because the kitchen and the washroom are humid and in a special environment of lampblack and peculiar smell, it is particularly important to choose appropriate materials in decorating the kitchen and the washroom. The good choice can reduce a lot of trouble for the daily life henceforth.

The PVC plank in the family decoration is the material that is often used in the suspended ceiling of the kitchen and the washroom. In addition, aluminum composite panels also begins to be applied to the ceiling and metope of the kitchen and the washroom. (aluminum composite panels ceiling)

Waterproof coating was often used in the kitchen and washroom before, because of its convenient construction, lower cost and colorful appearance, but it will fall off locally with fade phenomenon happening for a long time in the environment of the kitchen and washroom, so it has been eliminated completely now.

PVC gusset plate is made of PVC as the raw material through the extrusion process. It is waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-proof and flame retardant. PVC board has many colors and patterns which is mainly plain color, imitative wood grain and imitative marble grain. Its section is a honeycomb mesh structure, both sides of which are machined and formed groove and concave tenon. In the selection of PVC gusset plate it should pay attention that the surface should be no cracks and scratches, tongue-and-groove and concave tenon are complete and straight, each other folds smoothly, and there is no drum phenomenon on the surface. The drawback of PVC gusset plate is poor performance of the high temperature resistance. If it is in hotter environment for a long time, it is easy to be out of shape and ageing, to fade and lose original adornment effect.

Aluminum composite panels not only has the features of waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-proofand flame-retardant, but also can be anti-corrosive, anti-static, sound-absorbing and sound insulation, so it counts as the best material of metope and suspended ceiling in the kitchen and washroom. The basic material of aluminum composite panels is aluminous + plastic. According to the thickness, the price has certain difference, bu commonly it is in the intermediate price. The quality of imported products is better, and they are usually at a high price. The method that how to inspect the quality of the aluminum composite panels is basically to see whether its surface is flat, whether it has bubbles, whether the roasting lacquer glossiness on the surface is good, whether the thickness is even, and whether it has scars or is out of shape. The surface of the aluminum composite panels also has a variety of colors, and the adornment effect is very good as well. It has been a trend that to apply aluminum composite panels to the wall decoration and suspended ceiling in the kitchens and the washrooms.

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