Distinction of acp interiors and exteriors

In order to achieve the strength, hardness and seismic performance required in the design of acp aluminum composite panels, the thickness of two layers of aluminum plates must be above 0.15mm respectively. So how to distinguish the acp interiors and exteriors?

The upper and lower aluminum composite panel of the inner wall generally adopt aluminum plates with a thickness of 0.20mm and a minimum thickness of not less than 0.10mm. The total thickness is generally 3mm. Coating with polyester coating or acrylic coating.

The upper and lower aluminum plates of the exterior wall shall be made of anti-rust aluminum with a thickness of not less than 0.20mm and a total thickness of not less than 4mm. Fluorocarbon coating or polyester coating shall be generally used for coating.

In addition, the national standard also stipulates that the thickness of the exterior wall is not less than 4MM, the thickness of aluminum foil is not less than 0.5mm, the thickness of the internal wall is not less than 3MM, and the thickness of aluminum foil is not less than 0.2mm.

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