The electrolytic coloring of the aluminum composite panel

Anodic oxidation technology

Hello, everyone, today I would like to introduce to you the anodic oxidation test method of electrolytic coloring of aluminum composite panel. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Anodic oxidation method of the aluminum plastic composite panel is a very important method in the coloring technology. Its success will be directly related to the quality and effect of coloring. After the anodic oxidation the surface of the aluminum can form a kind of oxide film which is dense, porous and uniform. It is because of the existence of the layer of oxide film to make the coloring process more reliable.

The layer of the aluminum electrolytic coloring is influenced by many factors, and the main factor is the density of aluminum oxide film, quality and performance, and its structure is an important factor that determines the coloring,. There are many kinds of anodic oxidation solution, and the sulfuric acid anodic oxidation method is used most on the market at present. The oxidation method has the advantage of low production cost.

First of all, because the price of sulfuric acid is low, and secondly in the process of oxidation the current is small, so it will save electricity. The disposal of oxidized waste liquid is more convenient. This is a cheaper and more acceptable method than other oxidation methods. ,

Secondly, the transparency of the film layer oxidized by the direct current anodizing method of sulfuric acid is high. Many businesses in the market pursue the transparency of the film layer. Generally, the film layer oxidized by the direct current anodizing method of sulfuric acid is colorless and transparent. At the same time, the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the direct current anodizing method of sulfuric acid are higher, and the film layer after the direct current oxidation of sulfuric acid is harder, denser and more stable in structure.

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What measures are needed in improving the electrolytic coloring technology? There are several main measures as follows.

1. First of all, we should control the material of aluminum plastic composite panel, reduce the iron, zinc and other elements in aluminum, and ensure the purity of aluminum, so as to better ensure the quality of electrolytic coloring.

2. The preparation process and heat treatment process of aluminum shall be closely monitored to ensure the purity of aluminum from beginning to end.

3. Ensure the anodic oxidation treatment process of aluminum, including degreasing, washing, alkali corrosion, secondary washing, drying and other steps, and then properly watch after anodic oxidation treatment to avoid unnecessary things that lead to damage of the material.

4. Control the parameters of anodic oxidation process, including solution density, oxidation environment temperature, current control and ion concentration.

5. Choose different coloring formulas according to the needs, and strictly control each process in the oxidation process, and control different parameters to ensure the quality of oxidation.

Above is the improvement measure of the electrolytic color technology of the aluminum plastic composite panel. Hope you find it useful! Welcome to buy aluminum composite panel from Zhejiang Jinxiang, a professional manufacturer located in Zhejiang, China.

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