Environment performance test of ACP aluminum composite panel

We usually say that ACP aluminum composite panel meets the national standard, including ACP aluminum composite panel flexural strength, corrosion resistance and color difference and other properties, but how to know that ACP aluminum composite panel meets the standard, only through the experiment, and what kind of environment that ACP aluminum composite panel need in the experiment? This short passage is to introduce the environment of the performance test of it.

Before the test, the sample should be placed in the standard environment specified in GB/T2918 for 24 hours. Unless otherwise specified, the test shall be carried out under such conditions.

Preparation of specimens: when preparing specimens, it is necessary to consider that the decorative surface performance of the product requires consistency in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

In addition to the decorative surface performance, the product also requires consistency in the longitudinal, transverse and positive and negative directions.

The manufacturing location of the specimen shall be within an area 50mm away from the edge of the product. The size and quantity of the specimen shall be determined by the supplier and the supplier.

When there is any dispute over the visual result of color difference, the color difference arbitration test shall be conducted according to GB/T11942 method, and the production direction of the sample shall be consistent in the test.

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