Fireproof Aluminum Composite panel

The key factor of exterior curtain wall system's fire safety performance is fireproof aluminum composite panel. The fire safety performance of exterior curtain wall system is taking inflammable material as a prerequisite, constitute materials and structural ways are the factors that influence its fire safety performance. The material of system with enough burning capacity is surface layer and insulation material, it has an influence on the basic condition of fire safety performance, when surface layer and insulating layer are inflammable materials, the constructive ways will play an key part in deciding its fire safety performance. At present, there is Low Smoke Zero Halogen fireproof aluminum composite panel whose burning capacity can up to the A1 level at home. Its core materials take polyethylene as the main raw material and then add environmental retardant, besides, its surface will be subtly compound coupling treated by continuous activation device, then add flame retardant synergist and other assistant for mixing and plastifing, at last, it comes out as prilling. This material meets the development tendency of international flame retardant material with its good flame retardant smokiness and anthracolysis, it can meet the requirement of country to building and ornament material with high fireproofing grade. 
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