How to Clean the Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel

Let's introduce the correct cleaning method of mirror aluminum composite panel, because the mirror aluminum has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, it is very easy to clean.

1. we can use a lot of water to directly wash the surface of the mirror aluminum plate.

2.After washing off the dirt of the surface, use the detergent to wash the most dirty place.

3. Use a lot of clear water to wash off the detergent of the surface. After cleaning, the mirror aluminum product can have a new look.

Although the cleaning method of mirror aluminum plate is simple, there are two problems needing attention:

1.Do not wash it when the temperature of the surface of the mirror aluminum board is too high, and the temperature limit should be about 40 degrees Celsius.

2.Choose the mild detergent, and don’t use the strong alkaline detergent such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide.

The surface of mirror face aluminum plate is smoother, more beautiful, so once scratched, the beautiful effect of aluminous plate can be affected, and thus we should pay special attention to aluminum plate in the life.
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