How to Paste PVC Wallpaper? What are the Advantages of PVC Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is also known as wallpaper. It has the characteristics of various colors and rich patterns, so it has become an important material for home decoration and is suitable for different space decoration. There are many kinds of wallpaper, PVC wallpaper is one of them, so how to paste PVC wallpaper, what are the advantages of PVC wallpaper? Here is a brief introduction for you!

How to paste PVC wallpaper?

1. Determine the quantity of wallpaper

Usually the size of a roll of wallpaper is 52*100 cm, that is to say, the area is 5.2 square meters. However, wallpaper is inevitably lost in the process of pasting, so we need to be more prepared when determining the amount of wallpaper.

2. Preparing pasting tools

When sticking wallpaper, tools are indispensable. The main sticking tools are glue, sponge, brush, cutting knife, ruler, hanging board, bandage and gypsum powder. Here we want to remind you that when you buy glue, you must choose according to the characteristics of wallpaper used, and the effect of pasting is better.

3. Measuring wall size and cutting wallpaper

How to paste PVC wallpaper? Before pasting PVC wallpaper, we should ensure that the wall surface is smooth and clean. If there are stains on the wall, we should deal with them in time. If there are cracks and holes, we should fill them with gypsum powder in time. Then we can measure the wall and cut the wallpaper.

4. Brushing Base Film

After the wallpaper is cut, the base film can be brushed. First brush a uniform basement membrane on the wall, then scrape putty and polish it. Here we must pay attention to keep the wall level, this step usually lasts twice, every putty after drying, we need to use sandpaper to grind the wall once.

5. Brushing glue and pasting

Then brush glue. When you apply glue on the wall, you should pay attention to the width 30 mm wider than wallpaper. After the backside of wallpaper is brushed with glue, you should fold it for about 5 minutes, so it will dry faster. When sticking wallpaper, we should also pay attention to the consistency of the orientation pattern, not to have obvious chromatic aberration.

What are the advantages of PVC wallpaper

1. Good decorative effect

PVC wallpaper surface can be printed, embossed and foamed, and through careful design, print patterns suitable for various environments, color can be arbitrarily allocated, so the decorative effect of PVC wallpaper is very good.

2. Superior performance

The performance of PVC wallpaper is very good. It has the characteristics of flame retardant, heat insulation, sound absorption, mildew proof and not afraid of washing.

3. Easy pasting construction

The construction of PVC wallpaper is very convenient. It can be pasted with ordinary 107 adhesives or latex white adhesives and has good air permeability.

4. Long service life, easy maintenance

The surface of PVC wallpaper can be scrubbed, and its service life is long and easy to maintain.

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