Installation method of aluminium composite panel for interior

I. Use the plywood at the bottom
2~3mm thick aluminium composite panel for interior is suitable for uneven rough wall.
1.9MM splint is used to level the entire wall surface;

2. Cut the aluminium composite panel according to the product size and collage pattern
3. Spray the universal adhesive evenly on the board surface and the back of the aluminum plate with the spray gun;
4. According to the arranged pattern, the aluminum composite board which is sprayed with glue is glued to the base of the board piece by piece;
5. Use glass glue and aluminum trim for edge closure;
6. Remove the protective film after it is firmly adhered.

II. The installation of the cement wall
2~3mm thick aluminium composite panel is suitable for relatively flat cement walls or the walls after flat wall treatment

1. Measure the size of the wall, and then cut the aluminum plastic plate according to the design drawing;
2. Arrange the aluminum alloy position on the wall;
3. Groove the aluminum composite panel with the edge knife, do not to get through the bottom aluminum;
4. Tighten the aluminum plate and aluminum alloy with pull-out screw.
5. Use stainless steel or aluminum alloy for edge closure.

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