Outdoor Aluminum Composite Panel Installation

Aluminum composite panel installation attentions:
1. The variety, quality, color, pattern and line of the aluminum composite panel should meet the design requirements and have the product qualification certificate.
2. The curtain wall frame such as steel keel, its specifications and shape should meet the design requirements and should be down with derusting and anti-rust treatment.
3. When the aluminum plate installation has no design requirement, it is suitable to use the core aluminum rivets and in the middle, there should be a rubber ring. The spacing of the core rivets is preferred to be controlled within 100-1 50mm.
  • Line setting
    Fix the skeleton and bounce the position of the skeleton onto the base. The skeleton is fixed on the main structure. And the quality of the main structure should be checked before the lining.
  • Have the skeleton connection fixed
    Weld the fitting frame on the column of the main skeleton.
  • Fix the skeleton
    The skeleton should be embalmed in advance. Make sure the installation skeleton position is accurate and the combination is firm. Inspect the center line, surface elevation and so on. In order to ensure the accuracy of the aluminum composite panel installation, it is appropriate to use the transit to connect the beam vertically. Properly handle the deformation joints, settlement joints, and variable sections to meet the requirements of use.
  • Installation of aluminum composite panel
    The installation of aluminum composite panel should be firm and reliable.
    The clearance between two aluminum composite panel shall be handled internally to make it flat and bare.
    Cover the part which prones to contamination with plastic film or other material after finishing the installation.

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