Is Aluminum Composite Panel Ceiling Good?

Ceiling is a very important part in domestic decoration project, especially in kitchen and toilet. What kind of material is better in indoor decoration? I think this problem must have troubled a lot of friends, and I guess in the end a lot of friends must choose a material called aluminum composite panel. So, is aluminum composite panel ceiling good? Let's have a look!

Aluminum composite panel, the simple name of the aluminum plastic compound board, is a kind of decorate material, and its surface material is the coating aluminium board that is treated by chemical, and the core material is polyethylene plastic, so it is a kind of new-style compound adornment material. In fact, this kind of aluminum plastic plate was introduced to China in the late 1980s and early 1990s from foreign countries. With the development, more people know it, and it also quickly becomes the people's favor.

Because the surface layer of aluminum composite board is aluminum board, core material is plastic, and the board that combines aluminum and plastic has a lot of advantages. For example its appearance is beautiful, weight is light, intensity is high, fire-resistance is good, acid-proof is strong, sound insulation is good, cost is low, adornment effect is very good and it is durable and easy to maintain. So aluminum plastic plate with its own economy, diversity and convenient construction and other excellent quality, captures a large number of friends who need to decorate the house.

Aluminum composite panel ceiling pictures:
aluminum composite panel ceilingaluminum composite panel ceilingaluminum composite panel ceiling
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