It is Cheaper to Use Aluminum Composite Panel to be the Storefront Signboard

Advertising shop owners often meet customers who have such requirements:
1. High grade;

2.High quality;

3.Be cheap!!!

The price of the signboard production is generally based on the selection of materials, size and processing cost. Want something good and cheap? It's really hard! Cheap aluminium composite panel is the best choice.

The price of the aluminum plastic plate is moderate, and it is durable, cost-effective. Aluminum model board that hangs dry can not fold edge, but for beauty, it need wrap edge all round, and efficiency of this method is high (it doesn’t need a bottom by woodworking), time is saved (it doesn’t need fold edge), money is saved (do not fold edge, common cheap aluminum composite panel is OK).

Applicable industries: clothing industry, pet industry, catering industry and others.
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