Material Properties and Application of Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Board

Aluminum honeycomb board is a new kind of composite material with sandwich structure, which is composed of upper and lower two layers of aluminium plate and aluminium honeycomb core through adhesive or film. Aluminum honeycomb ceiling provides architects with rich choice from panel material, shape, installation system to color, and surface treatment. It can show abundant performance of ceiling and has excellent design freedom. Through perfect technology and strict control system, the aluminum honeycomb board has super peeling strength and excellent physical properties.

The main materials of aluminium honeycomb panels are as follows:

Fabrics: pre-rolled aluminium coil, thickness of 0.5 or 0.7 mm (inner wall thickness of 1.0 mm)

Front: Polyester baking varnish (or provide color-resistant baking varnish according to customer's requirements, good in stability of color and gloss, scratch resistance, powder resistance and corrosion resistance)

Back: Conservation Finishing

Core Material: Aluminum honeycomb core with special anti-corrosion treatment. The alloy is AA3003, the thickness of aluminium foil is 0.06mm, and the edge length of honeycomb core is 6mm.

Advantages of Aluminum Honeycomb Board:

(1) Light weight. Standard boards weigh only 16 kg per square metre, which is equivalent to 6 mm thick glass, only 1/5 of the weight of stone of the same thickness.

(2) Shock resistance. The impact strength is 10 times greater than that of granite with a thickness of 3 mm, and it will not break the whole block after impact, only a part of it will break at the impact site. After 120 cycles of acid freeze-thaw test (-25-50 degrees Celsius), the strength has not been reduced. It is a good decorative material for high-rise buildings.

(3) Easy installation. This product is very convenient to install. It can be pre-installed according to customer's requirements. Normally, it does not need large-scale installation equipment. At a lower level, it only needs simple tools to complete. The product is suitable for installation of modular unit curtain wall. Because the weight of the material is greatly reduced, ordinary binder can be easily fixed on the wall. It is simple to install, less auxiliary materials, time-saving and labor-saving, and the installation cost is reduced.

Use of Aluminum Honeycomb Board:

Aluminum honeycomb panels are generally suitable for building curtain wall hanging panels, interior decoration projects, billboards, on-board buildings, aviation manufacturing, interior partition and commodity display, commercial transport vehicles and container car bodies, buses, trains, subway and rail transit vehicles.

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