New Decoration Materials - Nano Aluminum Composite Panel

Nano aluminum composite panel is composed of upper and lower two layers of aluminum panel and the middle of the low-density polyethylene core layer by continuous hot pressing. The core layer in the middle can be of different thicknesses. The compound process is produced on a continuous production line. The product is produced according to a specific width, while the required length of the product is cut in line according to the size of the customer's order. The front side of the aluminum plate is pre-rolled coated with nano-fluorocarbon baking paint, the front side of the aluminum plate is covered with peeling protective film, and the back side of the aluminum plate is anti-corrosive aluminum surface which is chemically pre-treated or pre-rolled coated with anti-corrosive polylipid baking paint.

Nano-aluminum plastic plate is made from the fluorocarbon surface which is brushed another a layer of high pollution-resistance nano paint. Nano-fluorocarbon aluminum plastic plate inherited the superior performance of traditional fluorocarbon (PVDF) aluminum plastic plate, and also use high-tech nano technology, so that it has a number of properties such as pollution resistance, self-cleaning, acid and alkali resistance which is superior to the traditional fluorocarbon aluminum plastic plate.

It has all the advantages of fluorocarbon baking varnish. At the same time, the surface is painted another dense nano layer on the fluorocarbon baking paint layer. Because the nano surface is very dense, stains can not permeate into the molecules, so when the rain water will wash it off. The surface of fluorocarbon is a groove-like molecular structure, so when the stain adheres to the surface, small molecules will infiltrate into its molecular gap, and the stain can only be cleaned by neutral chemical detergent. This will greatly reduce the late cleaning and maintenance costs of the building.
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