The defects of pvdf aluminum composite panels curtain wall

Take note: PVDF Aluminum composite panel as curtain wall has the effect of metallic curtain wall, and it is superior to metallic curtain wall. It features in light in texture, easy to bend for on-site processing, can be made into a variety of models. At present, it is mainly used in some public buildings. (Zhejiang Jinxiang Panel Industy: professional PVDF Aluminum composite panel factory)

To apply pvdf aluminum composite panels curtain wall on the tall building is always a hot topic in the industry. A few people think aluminum composite panels curtain wall should be used less or carefully, and the aluminum composite panels curtain wall applied on the tall building will become the "air killer" or "invisible killer" with great danger. Mainly from the following four aspects to illustrate the disadvantages of aluminum plastic plate:

1. Structure of pvdf aluminum composite panel
The core material of the aluminum composite panels is basically the high polymer material such as polyethylene of medium and low pressure, and stuck with glue of tree vinegar kind. The core material and the glue contain toxic composition, and the performance such as fire prevention, weather resistance, durability, anti-ageing is poorer. When burning or under the high temperature or sunshine, it can release the poisonous gas that is harmful to human body.

2. Quality of pvdf aluminum composite panel
Its compound intensity is not high. When it is curved, it is easy to break. When it is heated locally, the core material will expand, leading to deformation and peeling of the aluminum plate on its surface. Its thermal expansion coefficient is bigger than the keel and building commonly, so it often appears heave phenomenon, leading to the lose of action and thereby affect its beauty.

3. Lightning protection
When installing, it usually shares lightning protection device with the main body of the building. The core material and fasteners of the aluminum plastic composite plate are poor conductors of electricity, and thus the current cannot pass quickly, and they are vulnerable to high-voltage lightning attacks.

4.The problem of the Raw materials
Due to the strength of the material itself, its strength against wind pressure is not high. At present the high-rise building of foreign advanced countries rarely use aluminum plastic composite panel to make curtain wall , and change to the safe and reliable monolayer aluminum composite panel.

Pictures of some PVDF Aluminum composite panel:

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