Spray lacquer on aluminum composite panels, how to construct?

Construct on the aluminum composite panels directly, the construction technology of lacquer painting should be carried out on the putty of flat exterior wall (no obvious scratches). Acp panel board surface is smooth, which won't have good result to the adhesion action of lacquer painting.

1. The base surface is flat, clean and free from dirt.

2. Do a grid, spring ink line, with a toothless saw out of the grid groove, groove width of 20mm, depth of 15-20mm.

3. Spray primer, with colorful spray gun, generally from left to right, then from right to left to complete, spray distance is about 0.4m, spray thickness should be less than 1mm, spray pressure 0.4-0.6mpa, spray gun diameter to 2-3mm, dry time is about 60 minutes, can also be used roll coating, brush coating method.

4. Spraying of the lacquer (or daubing)
A spray construction method, first with a steel spatula thin to scrape a layer of natural lacquer paint, the second time use lacquer paint spray gun thin to spray evenly. The total thickness of two times 2-3mm is appropriate, or according to the design requirements. Its interval time should be greater than 30 minutes.

Aluminium composite panel for interior: spraying construction method, the indoor project can be completed by spraying one time; and the outdoor project is divided into two sprayings. The total thickness of two times 2-3mm is appropriate, or according to the design requirements.

Light color natural lacquer paint should be based on the actual situation of the project, to ensure that the bottom does not leak under the premise of a two spray construction method. Thickness is according to the actual situation of the project and determined, or according to the design requirements.

The floating point size can be adjusted and controlled by the "nozzle plug" during the spraying process. The center line of the nozzle nozzle should always be perpendicular to the spraying surface, and the distance between the nozzle bucket and the spraying surface should be 0.3-0.5m.

5. Grinding:
Natural lacquer paint dry (under normal environmental conditions can be dry for 24 hours), the surface of the sand paper polished into a relatively smooth, and then wipe off the floating dust with a clean damp cloth.

6. The coating shall be finished twice
Paint spraying with colorful spray gun, spray twice for every 60 minute. The specific practice is the same as the primer spraying. Thickness should be less than 1mm.

If spray the waterproof protection paint for the first time and antifouling paint for the second time. Interval time is 60 minute. The total thickness is less than 1mm.

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