The technology of ceiling construction of aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel ceiling contruction technology:

(1) First check the quality of the skeleton, focus on the inspection boom straight, uniform force, and keel spacing is not greater than 500mm. If the humid environment, its design requires to reduce the spacing, and keel surface is smooth without falling feeling, and the main accessories are connected closely, firmly. Confirm before binding.

(2) The cutting of the board should be broken along the cutting, so that the edge of the cutting board is straight and square, undulating off the angle and other defects.

(3)When the shop board is fixed, the edge of aluminum composite panel (wrap sealing edge) lay perpendicular to photograph of keel of support, with suspension phenomenon below. When aluminum composite panel butt joint should lean close, but not be pressed forcibly, and you can begin from one board angle or middle procession and column. Board seam needs straight, and width and narrow is consistent without wrong seam phenomenon.

(4) When joint, aluminum composite plate joint should be close, but not be forced into position, and stagger the join. The joint on both sides of the wall can not fall on the same keel; When using double layer board, the pull seam of the 2nd layer board cannot fall on same vertical keel with the seam of the first layer, and double layer plasterboard should stagger seam.

aluminum composite panel ceilingaluminum composite panel ceilingaluminum composite panel ceiling

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