The Use of Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel

The common use of Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel:
* Reflector of a lighting fixture;
* Suspended ceiling and building decoration materials;
* Multi-purpose hardware: photo frame, clock, camera accessories, MEDALS, jewelry box, electrical audio;
* Computer components: disk shutter, LCD and reflector of photocopier;
* Reflectors for solar water heaters and headlights.

General mirror aluminum composite panel will be applied in the process of home decoration, such as the window of the room, etc. In the process of home decoration you need pay special attention that  the protective film of mirror aluminum plate can not be torn off prematurely. Because the surface of the aluminium plate can be scratched, and the products have their protective film commonly. In the process of home decoration, the user is advised not to tear off too early to prevent damage from the surface of the mirror surface aluminum plate in the decoration process, which affects the appearance.

Mirror aluminum composite panel samples:
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