What are the colors of mirror aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel has many colors, they can be divided into many types by their different use. For example, the colors of curtain aluminum composite panel are: pure white, damming white, icbc gray, matt white, ivory white, beige, mouse color, dark gray, brownish red, flash silver, silver gray, deep silver, champagne, flash gold, brown silver, palm color, flash mouse color, brown and flashing brown. The colors of environmental aluminum composite panel are: pure white, matt white, ivory white, creamy white, icbc gray, mouse color, aubergine, rose brown, orange red,  deep wine red, brown red, red brown, pure yellow, advertising yellow and orange yellow. There are other special series colors: there is silver hairline and gold hairline for ordinary hairline, bright red and black for high gloss aluminum composite panel, silver mirror and golf mirror for mirror aluminum composite panel . Besides, there are various wood grain and stone grain aluminum composite panel, but fireproof aluminum composite panel is always pure white, it can be made with different colors according to customers. Of course, these are common and basic colors, some manufacturers of aluminum composite panel may have some special colors. How much is the mirror aluminum composite panel Aluminum composite panel with inter and outer wall panels, single face and double faces, it is calculated by the thickness of panel, a double-faced 18SI panel( interior wall is 30) is 125 yuan a piece. The common mirror aluminum composite panel is at least with 4mm thickness of panel and 0.03mm thickness of aluminum, this kind of mirror aluminum composite panel also has different surface effect, like black, gold silver, tawny, blue and so on.
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