What are the Fabrication Process and Application Fields of Brushed Aluminum Panels?

Brushed aluminum sheet, also known as brushed aluminum panels, is a manufacturing process of repeatedly scraping aluminium sheet out of lines with sandpaper. Its technological process is mainly divided into three parts: deesterification, sand mill and water washing.

Brushed aluminum panel is a kind of manufacturing process in which the aluminum sheet is scraped out by sand paper repeatedly. In the process of aluminum plate drawing, a special membrane technology after anodizing can generate a membrane layer containing the metal on the surface of aluminum plate. It clearly shows every tiny filament trace, so that the metal matte gloss in the exudation of fine hair mercerization. More and more metal shells of aluminium sheet products are made by metal wire drawing process, in order to play a beautiful, anti-erosion role, so that the products have both fashionable and technological elements. This is one of the reasons why the process is so popular.

In the process of brushed aluminum panel processing under pressure, the aluminium sheet is forced to pass through the die under the action of external force. The cross-sectional area of metal is compressed, and the required cross-sectional area shape and size are obtained. The technical processing method is called aluminium sheet drawing process. The tool used to change the size and shape of the aluminum sheet is called a drawing die.

Various double-sided brushed aluminum plate colors are: JK001 bronze, JK002 green, JK003 stainless steel, JK004 blue, JK005 red, JK006 silver, JK007 gold, JK008 copper, JK009 black, JK010 pink, JK011 bronze, JK012 bronze, JK026 iron tree honeysuckle, JK036 matt color and other colors.

Range of application

Brushed aluminum board is widely used in brushed aluminum plastic board, fireproof board, aluminum frame, cabinet, doors and Windows, panels, signs, lighting, indoor and outdoor decoration, household appliances, bags, gifts, furniture, consumer electronics and other fields.

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