What are the Fire Prevention Grades of Fire Rated ACP?

The fire protection grade of fire rated ACP is determined by two indexes, which are the national compulsory standard GB8624 "Classification Method of Combustion Performance of Building Materials" and GB/T17748 "Aluminum-plastic Composite Plate" national standard requirements. The combustion performance of building materials in China is classified as follows:
  • Class A: Non-combustible building materials
  • Class B1: Flame retardant building materials
  • Class B2: Combustible building materials
  • Level B3: Flammable building materials
  • Grade of Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Plate

The common core material of fire rated ACP is low-density ordinary polyethylene, which will produce more smoke in the fire. Therefore, the fire-proof performance of fire rated ACP has always been a focus of attention. Previously, many countries and manufacturers have done a lot of experiments on the fire resistance of low density ordinary polyethylene aluminum-plastic composite board. The contents of the experiment include the combustion test of LDPE, the combustion test of LDPE clamped in fire rated ACP and the analysis of the condition of fire rated ACP after fire.

The results of low density polyethylene combustion test show that polyethylene can be ignited by open fire at 341 ("ASTMD1929" and "DIN54836"). Polyethylene can spontaneously ignite (ASTMD1929 and DIN54836) at the spontaneous combustion temperature of 349 ℃. Polyethylene can only be ignited or spontaneously ignited when it reaches the above temperature and has a large amount of oxygen (i.e. air).

For the sake of safety, many countries have limited the use range of common core material, and non-flammable core material is recommended in high-rise buildings.
In China, the state has put forward requirements for fire safety performance, especially in some public places with dense personnel, such as airports, stations, gymnasiums, cinemas, high-end entertainment places and high-rise buildings. It requires that the selected decorative materials must meet the fire protection requirements. Aluminum-plastic composite board, as a new decorative material widely used, attaches great importance to its fire protection performance. The National Fire-proof Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center inspects and classifies the fire safety performance of fire rated ACP according to GB8624 "Classification Method for Combustion Performance of Building Materials".  And the United Nations National Aluminum Plastic Board Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, jointly implement the quality supervision of fire-resistant Aluminum Plastic Board. Fire resistance of fire rated ACP mainly refers to the flame retardancy of polyethylene plastic core board. Because of its unique chemical structure, most plastic products are flammable. According to the fire protection regulations and the combustion mechanism of polyethylene, a safe and effective flame retardant has been developed. On the premise of guaranteeing the technical performance of the fire rated ACP, the fire-proof performance of the fire rated ACP meets the technical requirements of level B1 of the combustion performance required by the state. This creates conditions for mass production of fire rated ACP for specific occasions.

According to the national standard "Code for Fire Protection in Architectural Design" (GBJ16), wall materials should be B1 (non-combustible materials) or A (non-combustible materials). Grade evaluation is in accordance with the national standard "Classification Method for Combustion Performance of Building Materials" (GB8624-1997). At present, the fire prevention grade of fire rated ACP produced by most enterprises in China is B1.

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