What is the Raw Material that Brushed Aluminium Composite Sheet Uses Commonly?

With the improvement of the scientific and technological level, many new materials and new processes have been invented and used. The wire drawing process is a new process that just started to appear in recent years. This new process makes the surface of metal appear different textures. Now let's know what raw materials are commonly used in the new production of brushed aluminium composite sheet.

1. Pure aluminum plate

Pure aluminum plate is one of the most commonly used raw materials for the production of brushed aluminium composite sheet, which is also one of the largest quantities of raw materials we use in industrial production. Pure aluminum plate has a high content of aluminum, and we use a series of production processes to process aluminum ore, and finally produce aluminum plate which can use in the industrial production. Because the cost of pure aluminum plate is relatively low compared with the cost of alloy aluminum plate, pure aluminum plate has become the most commonly used aluminum products in processing and production.

2. Aluminum alloy plate

Adding other metals to a metal can change its properties, such as color and hardness. Because the hardness and color of brushed aluminum plate have some special requirements in many fields, alloy aluminum plate will be used in the production. The use of alloy aluminum plate can make the material produced have a relatively bright color, such as red, green and other colors which will be used in decorative decoration, and can also make our material become more hard, which is suitable for the use of mechanical manufacturing.

Above is about the raw materials of the brushed aluminium composite sheet.

Brushed aluminium composite sheet samples:
yellow gold brushed aluminum composite panelsilver-brushed-aluminium-composite-panelblue brushed aluminum composite panel
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