What's the Difference between the Cheap and Expensive Aluminium Composite Panel?

What’s the difference between the cheap and expensive aluminium composite panel? You can spend tens of thousands yuan on curtain wall adornment with cheap aluminum model board, but hundreds of thousands yuan with expensive aluminum model board in the same building. What’s the difference?

The price of curtain wall aluminium composite panel differs because of its materials and craft. Compare with indoor aluminium composite panel, curtain wall aluminium composite panel suffers the erosion of ultraviolet ray and rain water for a long time, so polyfluorocarbon coating is chosen to be its surface coating, the cost of which is expensive.

At the same time, many countries and regions have provisions of the fire-proof standard of external wall material, and the fire-proof level of the material used for the curtain wall is generally required to be above A level, and the cost of the core material of A level fire-proof  level is relatively high. Some construction units cheating owners, use the indoor board to replace the high grade fluorine carbon plank that is anti-aging and anti-corrosion in order to get unreasonable profit, causing decolorization of the aluminium plank used on the project.
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